Great Customer Service Leads to Romance and Marriage

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Romance Blossoms

Since Valentine’s Day is almost here I thought you would enjoy my favorite customer service story. Here’s one for the romance and customer service record books:  Once upon a time there was a single mother with two daughters recently divorced.  She drove a tank of a car that had all kinds of problems that needed fixing.  It just so happened that her office was located across the street from a full service gas station that also repaired cars.

She left her car there for the day to repair an oil leak, air conditioning and a window that wouldn’t role down.  Not understanding how car repairs work she stood fast, hands on hips, in front of the counter and told the mechanics she would only pay for service once since her budget was very small and that she expected everything on her list to be fixed correctly the first time.

This was on a Thursday. Friday morning came to take the kids to daycare and head out to her office.  Low and behold, the car wouldn’t start.  To make a long story very short, the car spent another day at the shop.  At the end of the day she stood her ground and refused to pay for any more labor on her car.  After all, it was running when she left it there the first time. She was the only earner in the family now and more money in her car meant no dinner or entertainment for her girls that weekend.

Now for the superb customer service.  Out behind the counter comes a grinning mechanic who walked her out to her car and said, “Anytime you have a problem with your car, you come to me and I will make sure it is taken care of.”  Asking her to get in the car and start the engine, he lifted the hood and messed around with hoses and who knows what else to impress her and to make her feel special.  He insured her that this time she would have no problem with her ride.

Turned out she didn’t have a problem that day but as the weeks went on, one thing after another either fell off the car, quit working or some other issue prevented it from running correctly.  The car spent a lot of time in the service bay and so did that mechanic.

Little did she know, when he followed her out to the car that day, he had a bet with the guys behind the counter that he could get a date with her.  He did win the bet, and this year they will be celebrating 39 years together.  It just so happened that there were so many repairs on the car and a very large repair bill. She ended up marrying the Manager of the auto repair company because she couldn’t pay her bill.

The moral of the story…treating a dissatisfied customer like they are the most important person to their business can pay off in big dividends.



3 Tips for Starting Your Business in 2015

conniewalkingWalk with me to the edge of success.  Let me lead you by your hand down the path of creativity, through business start up and growth.

Running and operating your own business doesn’t have to be all trials and tribulations.

It can be a wonderful personal growth experience, especially if you have the right business model from which to operate.

That’s where I come in.  Stick with me and you will learn so many wonderful things about how to do it correctly, saving you lots of stress and headaches later. First things first:

1.  BE A VISIONARY ENTREPRENEUR!  Start with your vision or idea that you know will fill a need for a specific target audience.  Research the psycho-graphics; what makes them tick; what do they buy; where do they shop; but most important– What problem do they have that isn’t being solved?  If you can solve their problem, you have a customer!

2.   BUILD YOUR NETWORK OF PERSONAL VISIBILITY!  It’s not just about your business and what it can do for your customer.  It’s as much about who you are as a person, i.e. your integrity, your ability to be flexible, your compassion and how you treat others’ ideas when brought to the table, whether it be on a Board, volunteering, teaching, or just plain interacting with people generally.  You leave your mark. You want that mark to be memorable in a positive way. So be the best you can be in all areas of your life.  If you follow this rule everyday, watch what  happens when you begin to promote your business.  People buy from people…

3. BRAND YOUR COMPANY NAME-PRODUCT-PROGRAM!  If you are ready with the name of your company, begin bringing it up in conversations.  It doesn’t matter if you have your products finished yet or your idea completely fleshed out.  The more you talk to people about it, letting those you talk to know that you are still in the development stages of your product or program, the more practiced you will be in incorporating keywords into your next conversation that addresses their problem.  That’s one way to do primary research.  Let those you talk to tell you what their hot buttons are, what problems they need solved, etc.

I’m here to answer your questions regarding  your business or personal growth.  Please let me hear from you through your comments on this blog, through my contact page or join my RSS feed to receive these postings directly into your email box.


Grow Rich In Your Business While You Sleep – Lesson 1

moneylady2Most of the fears, phobias, complexes and inhibitions you carry throughout your life were implanted in your minds as a child.  You are what you will become. What do I mean by that?

Starting with your childhood and the beliefs, emotions and actions you take then, bring you where you are today.  These beliefs, emotions and actions set the stage for how you see your success or failures unfolding.

Ah! You are now probably berating yourself and those who influenced you as a child. Not to worry!  Here is how you start to change it.

  1. Be awake as you go about your day, i.e. be conscious when you shower, dress, eat, feed the pets, walk the dog, or get the kids out the door for school.
  2. Be aware that if you live in a hypnotic fog or have your mind on the past, you have no presence! LET ME REPEAT.  IF YOU LIVE IN A HYPNOTIC FOG – doing things automatically with or without thinking; or CONSTANTLY HAVE YOUR MIND ON THE PAST – YOU HAVE NO PRESENCE.
  3. Having no “PRESENCE” means people see you in a fog or see you as you see yourself, IN THE PAST – worrying and commiserating about things that have already come and gone. How can you focus on building income if you are stuck in the past?  Be in the present and focus on your creative process.  After all, you made it this far didn’t you?

Tune in to the next blog post in this series for Lesson 2 on How to Grow Rich While You Sleep.